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Room Diagrams

You can choose from over 14 different room sizes from 12 sq. ft. to over 500 sq. ft. at any of the Westy Self Storage facilities in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Room sizes are an approximation.
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Closet 01Click to enlarge
(4' x 3' - 12 sq. ft.)

Ideal for boxes; extra file boxes; holiday decorations

Closet Plus 01Click to enlarge
Closet Plus
(5' x 5' - 25 sq. ft.)

This room is comparable to a walk-in closet. Winter/summer wardrobe; 20 to 30 boxes

Spacemaker 01Click to enlarge
(10' x 5' - 50 sq. ft.)

The most popular of smaller rooms; 2 rooms of furniture; declutter your home; staging room for home sale

Spacemaker Plus 01Click to enlarge
Spacemaker Plus
(15' x 5' - 75 sq. ft.)

Great for storing mattresses and bed frames; 3 rooms of furniture

Classic 01Click to enlarge
(15' x 6' 8" - 100 sq. ft.)

The most popular of larger rooms; a 2 bedroom apartment; 4 rooms of furniture

Classic Plus 01Click to enlarge
Classic Plus
(15' x 8' 4" - 125 sq. ft.)

A size you will find nowhere else; 5 rooms of furniture

Loft 01Click to enlarge
(15' x 10' - 150 sq. ft.)

Stores a small house; 5 to 6 rooms

Loft Plus 01Click to enlarge
Loft Plus
(15' x 11' 8" - 175 sq. ft.)

This unique room holds approximately 7 rooms of furniture

Mover Favorite 01Click to enlarge
Mover Favorite
(20' x 10' - 200 sq. ft.)

Approximately an 8 room home. Great for moving from one place to another

Mover Favorite Plus 01Click to enlarge
Mover Favorite Plus
(15' x 15' - 225 sq. ft.)

When the traditional 20' x 10' is not enough

Jumbo 01Click to enlarge
(20' x 15' - 300 sq. ft.)

This room typically holds up to 12 rooms' furnishings

Jumbo Plus 01Click to enlarge
Jumbo Plus
(25' x 14' - 350 sq. ft.)

For larger than average homes

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